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Without Sacrificing The Important Things in Your Life or Spending Hours Counting Calories & Lifting Weights.


Listen friend, Life is rough!
Tell me, do you ever feel this way?

  • You tell yourself “I will start next week”
  • You can’t find time during the day
  • You feel overwhelmed, but really want to get in shape
  • You unnecessarily beat yourself up because of how you feel about yourself
  • You try to eat right but your diet is inconsistent
  • You need help and motivation to get started
By LaDawn Latawiec
- Former food addict
& overweight office worker
- Busy fitness expert, Ergogenix athlete and author
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…If You’re Tired of Making The Same Promises to Yourself Over and Over Again, But Can’t Ever Seem to Change Your Body, Just Keep Reading…


The Crazy Efficient Program to Develop a “Fitness Lifestyle”

Step by Step Training to Finally Get Fit and Stay Fit

Know exactly what you need to do every time, never feel confused about a workout again, & never waste time planning your workout

Never Lose Motivation and Focus Again

Without a goal there is no measure of success. I help you set goals and provide tips as to how to stay motivated. I won’t let you quit!!

An exciting (NOT BORING) Diet

Abs are made in the kitchen. That doesn’t mean you have to eat chicken broccoli every day all day. I provide simple guidelines that allow you to enjoy meals and still lose weight

Know Exactly What Supplements Actually Work

There is no magic pill that gets you in shape. But supplements can be helpful in that they can “supplement” your diet. I provide a list and explain the supplements that I use to help push me through the day.

Forget Tedious Calorie Counting

Learn about “Flexible Eating,” so you can eat your favorite foods and enjoy life without worrying about breaking your diet.

Best tips and tricks to make fitness work for YOUR life

Starting a program isn’t easy. But I provide all the tools you need to get in the right frame of mind. And throughout your program I will send on-going tips and keep you pumped.


See How These Busy People Were Able To Push Through

LaDawn is absolutely amazing!! I was stuck in a rut for years and couldn't seem to lose those last 20 pounds that always made me uncomfortable with my body. She is so encouraging and always makes me laugh when she's pushing me through a workout which makes my workouts fly by! She made me feel sexy and strong and knew how far to push me without making me feel overwhelmed. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling with losing weight even if you are just starting out! She's awesome!
- Pamela E.
LaDawn is truly an excellent trainer. I have worked with her for just over a year. Not only is she a pleasure to work with but she is skilled and thoughtful. LaDawn's workouts are a perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs and 'smart' goal setting. Her professionalism, extensive knowledge, and enthusiastic commitment to her career and clients is the reason for my success and an overall healthier lifestyle. I give my highest recommendation, she knows when to encourage and when to push, and the results I have achieved are highly due to her continuous efforts.
- Jenn A.
Working with LaDawn over the last 4 months has completely changed my life! I took years off from working out since having kids and never thought I would have the motivation to get back into it. I was so scared I would fail because I fell so far off track! She knew exactly how to encourage me and taught me about tracking macros so I could still eat the foods I love! What a blessing that was especially with having 4 kids. I don't have hours a day to workout but LaDawn is still helping me reach my goals with only 3 workouts a week! I can't wait to see where I'll be in another 4 months thanks to her.
- Dawn H.
Help Me Transform

Who am I?

I was a very active kid growing up and ended up going to college with an athletic scholarship. Despite my athletic exterior, however, I spent my entire childhood and the early part of my 20s hiding my severe battle with binging and addiction to food. When the scale hit nearly 200 pounds and 35% body fat, I decided to dedicate my life to making a change. After slowly getting my binging under control and obtaining 18% body fat, I chose to leave my desk job and work toward a life in the fitness industry. Surviving a drastic career change and the loss of close family members, I never fell off track. I know what it’s like to have to deal with hard things and be busy.

Today, I am a certified personal trainer, wellness advocate and business owner, dedicated to changing lives and helping others attain total wellness. With a deep understanding that each person begins their fitness journey with a unique history and personal struggles, I can make people laugh while motivating and encouraging them toward their goals. Keeping a smile on people’s faces while whipping them into shape is what I do best!

I’m so excited to help start your journey!

Help Me Start My Journey
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Who is this for?

This program is for both men and women looking to get in shape and take back their life! Whether you're a first timer to working out or wanting to get back into the fitness lifestyle after taking a break, this program is right for you! 

How much time will this program take each week?

The program is designed to slowly ease you into working out regularly. The first few weeks you will spend 3-4 hours per week in the gym. As you work your way into the last few weeks, you will spend roughly 5 hours per week working out. 

What kind of diet is this? Can I adapt it to my own life?

This isn't a diet! Yes, you read that right. The program includes all the information you need to learn how to track your macros. You won't have a set meal plan every day because you'll get to choose what to eat, as long as it fits in your daily macro count! This is all explained in my program and it will be very easy to incorporate into your daily life!

How much time do I need to spend preparing food?

If you plan to meal prep for this program, it will take you a few hours a week to cook your meals up. This all depends on the type of meals you decide to eat and how often you want to cook! It won't take much more time than you're already spending in the kitchen.

Do I need a gym membership?

Yes, a gym membership is recommended for this program.

How much do I need to spend on supplements?

That's totally up to you! All supplements are completely optional and are only there to assist you on your fitness journey. There are, however, certain products that I use myself and I personally believe will make a huge impact towards your goals. I will talk about these and explain WHY I think they make a difference.

When can I expect to see results?

How fast you see results all depends on how much effort you put in. You can easily start to see results after the first 7 days if you work hard. However it's important to remember that fitness is a lifestyle and you shouldn't give up if you don't see a huge change right away - results WILL happen if you put in the time. Most people see a big difference after completing the 4 week program!

I’ve tried everything and I’m so busy – how can this really help?

This program is specifically designed for people with a busy life! Most people fail because they start diets that are too strict and programs that are too intense. I've broken everything down for you and made this simple, easy to understand, and a breeze to follow. You won't be on a strict, 1000 calorie a day diet, and you won't be in the gym working out for hours a day. I've specifically set this program up to ensure you don't feel overwhelmed which means you won't fail! 
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